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Interface Tourism Spain has been providing marketing and communications services exclusively for the travel and tourism sector since 1991. Established by Canadian-born Briton Christopher Pomeroy, originally trading as Moonshine Marketing S.L. the agency was one of the first of its kind to focus on the outbound tourism market from Spain.

As part of the Europe's leading network in tourism marketing  Interface Tourism Group  since 2010, our Madrid  office is complemented with full service agencies in France and Italy

We are a truly international team of vocational tourism advocates, trained in skills ranging from journalism, marketing, social media and tourism management. We work for a diverse array of long term clients from eleven countries and regions, providing the full range of marketing, PR and representation services for national and regional tourism offices, leading travel and technology brands, hotels and airlines.

Let us help your brand or destination get established in the right networks and grow its presence in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

Interface Tourism Spain's Work

Interface Tourism Spain's Leadership

Victor Munoz

Víctor Muñoz

Manager at Interface Tourism Spain

Postgraduate degree in “Business & Tourism” at the University of Antonio Nebrija in Madrid, with whom he continues to work and look for opportunities for our clients. His work experience covers various tourism sectors including hospitality, event and trip organisation, PR and enhancement of heritage.

After spending a year in London, Victor landed in the world of tourism and PR marketing. His thirst for knowledge and new experiences led him to work with Interface Tourism Spain, specializing in Destination Marketing and PR for big companies. He has been coordinating our network of international partner agencies to provide an excellent pan-European PR service to blue-chip clients, while maintaining an excellent relationship with the Spanish outbound tourism sector and the media. In 2014 Victor was appointed as Manager and his role is now to coordinate all the day-to-day activities of the agency and ensure the highest levels of service to our clients.

“The rapid recovery of the Spanish and the Portuguese outbound traveller has positioned the Iberian Peninsula as one of the main markets to invest in promotion in Europe again. Furthermore, being Spain one of the most visited destinations worldwide, Interface Tourism Spain works as an interconnected hub for your multi-market strategy.”

- Víctor Muñoz

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