VisitScotland – Brave Launch


Interface Tourism Spain

Madrid, Spain




Disney Pixar released a new animated movie called Brave in summer 2012. The movie took place in Scotland and had characters from Scottish clans and a Scottish princess. VisitScotland agreed to invest in the promotion of the movie and thereby the country. They hired Interface Tourism for a 4 month period. to do the PR and help with various events on the Spanish market.


  • We sent out press release about Scotland related to the Disney Pixar movie, using thereby the big promotions that Disney Pixar are known to make about their new movies.
  • We made joint events with Disney Pixar like “Creative Delivery” of press packs, having a piper dressed as a Scotman going around to the different editorial houses and handing out the information to the tones of the pipe. Also we participated in a Concentration of Redheads event, as Scotland has the highest concentration of redheads in the world.
  • We organized press trips with some of the most important travel and lifestyle media in Spain, and made them do archery like the heroine of the movie and  bushcraft survival.


All the activity generated free publicity from television, radio, newspapers and magazines for around 1,300,000 €

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