“Young Kitchen Rebels in Moscow” for Flanders Tourism a Destination Representation Case Study


TMI Consultancy

Moscow, Russia


Flanders Tourism


Flanders is known for its beautiful arts collections and avant-garde fashion designers, however it is also a place to go for amazing gourmet experience and unique beer tasting.


As the Russian representation office of Visit Flanders, TMI identified culinary routes via consumer campaigns and food experiences by visiting Flemish chefs, as a way of promoting Flanders in the Russian market.

Background Information

TMI was appointed to act as a representation office for Flanders and Brussels in Russia in 2012. The objective was to stimulate market demand by promoting Flanders under its international branding strategy, Flanders, as ‘Cutting Edge Craftsmanship’. TMI managed a Flanders Roadshow with the Participation of the Minister for Tourism and private sector partners, as well as development of the Russian website. As the Tourism Flanders in Russia, TMI was responsible for the implementation of a destination marketing strategy, which focused on some of Russia’s most sophisticated travelers concentrated in Moscow and St. Petersburg. By identifying and concentrating on segments interested in Fashion, Gastronomy as well as arts and culture, we worked on three levels of communication including: the travel industry, the media and with end-consumers.


Apart from engaging with the travel industry and media, TMI initiated several consumer campaigns to promote the destination around its innovative cuisine. The culinary promotion of Flanders included editorial articles and expert reviews about “Flanders for foodies”. There was an online campaign which presented talented young chefs and modern Flemish cuisine, which was combined with live cooking demonstrations in some of Moscow’s  trendy restaurants like “Kak Est” and “Chugunnyi Most” to showcase the ‘Flanders Kitchen Devils’.


The campaign provided great coverage in print, radio and online media, but also during the promotional week, the outreach to Russia’s affluent consumers resulted in a 30% increase in sales of culinary and gourmet packages to Flanders. The editorial content generated on Flemish cuisine reached an estimated AVE of half a million Eur.

Delicious looking food
Young Kitchen Rebels in Moscow